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About us

SZTR „Metalouniverzal“ exists since 1994 and it has a production of wire fences and a variety of wire products.

The company headquarters is in Novi Sad, street Tekelijina no.16th, where is also a storage of finished products and sale of products.

The production facility is located in Sremski Karlovici, street Zmaj Jovina no.22nd.


The business that we do is the production and sale of wire products:

  • galvanized and PVC galvanized universal mesh
  • large construction nails and small nails of all sizes
  • crimped wire mesh
  • shultz mesh
  • annealed wire
  • galvanized barbed wire
  • galvanized and PVC galvanized wire of various thicknesses
  • electro galvanized welded wire mesh and hexagonal „chicken“ wire mesh
  • galvanized sieve wire mesh and galvanized mosquito wire mesh
  • concrete and metal poles
  • fence installation
  • wire tensioners
  • cold drawn steel straightened wire
  • galvanized straightened wire.


The production is automated and in accordance with the standards.

We do fence installation professionally, with modern mechanization and the required tools.

We strive to ensure that the quality of our products and services is why people recognize us!


Products and pricelist



On the market we are recognized as serious producers of wire fence, known as „universal mesh“, galvanized and PVC galvanized.

Wire plastification is performed in our production facility.

We started the production of large construction and small nails of all sizes among the first ones in our country. We try to always have them in stock in various dimensions and required quantities, which are required by the market.

In the production of crimped wire mesh we produce standard and non-standard dimensions of the product, according to customer request.

In every moment we can offer you a wide assortment of galvanized, PVC galvanized, barbed and annealed wire.

Also, we offer you lightweight wire meshes, such as hexagonal „chicken“, electro galvanized welded, mosquito and sieve wire mesh. We straighten cold drawn steel and galvanized wire in rods of different dimensions. The length of the rod can go up to 3 m. The thickness of the rod can go up to 4 mm.

We produce metal and concrete poles for fences and our service is fence installation with modern mechanization and the necessary tools for this type of service

We install all types of fences on the field.


Quality of raw material


The galvanized wire is quality DIN 17100 in tolerance to DIN 1548. The thickness of the galvanized wire is 0.8 mm to 4.0 mm.

We plastify the galvanized wire in the extrusion process with non recycled P. E. granulates.

PVC coating is elastic, wear-resistant and durable in various climatic conditions. The thickness of the PVC coating is 0.5 mm, it can be in different colors on customers request. Colors are persistent and have UV protection.

Construction and small nails, crimped wire mesh and shultz wire mesh are made of cold drawn steel wire, of various thicknesses, in the standard DIN 1160.


Distribution of goods


We can transport our purchased goods, by arrangement, at your home address,  at your store, depot, or at the place where you want to install fence.




The SZTR "Metalouniverzal" has competitive prices in retail and also in wholesale. The margin percentage is minimal in compare to the cost price of the product, because our high-productive production allows that.