Univerzal pletivo (pocinkovano i plastificirano)

We produce this product in all dimensions, depending on what customer wants. The customer chooses the height of mesh, from 0.5 m to 3.5 m, wire thickness from 1.75 mm to 3.1 mm and square aperture of 2x2 cm to 7x7 cm.

Montaža ograda

Within our company we have professional teams for fence installation and locksmith operation, to make our products installed completely on your field.

Plastificirane panelne ograde

This is the product which even the most demanding customers like, because of its stability, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance and durability.

Grifovano pletivo

This product is produced in standard dimensions of 1000 x 2000 mm and non standard dimensions in sizes from 500 to 4000 mm, and sizes of square apertures are from 17x17 mm to 80x80 mm.

We produce nails of all dimensions, large construction nails and small craftsmanship nails.

Šulc mreža

We produce this product in standard dimensions of 1000 x 2000 mm.

Usage: In construction industry.

Paljena žica

Wire thickness goes from 0.8 mm to 4 mm.

Usage: In construction industry.

Usage: For fencing of agricultural properties, farms, as wire fence with or without other types of wire meshes.

Pocinkovana i plastificirana ravna žica

We have galvanized wire, which thickness is from 0.8 mm to 4 mm. We have PVC  galvanized wire, which thickness is from 2.4 mm to 3.4 mm.

Zatezači za žicu

Usage: to tighten the tensile wire on wire fence, or tensile wire in vineyard or orchards, to tighten barbed wire etc.

Betonski i metalni stubovi

We produce poles of different dimensions.

Usage: for fence installation.

Rabic i merkur pletivo

Usage: In the construction industry, the renovation of old buildings, the construction of the cages, protection of seedlings and orchards, also is used as wire mesh etc.

Pocinkovana sita i komarnici

These are meshes with the smallest holes, from 1 x 1 mm to 7 x 7 mm.

Ispravljena svetlovučena i pocinkovana žica

We straighten rods of galvanized and cold drawn steel wire, the wires are of different thicknesses, lengths of rods could be at the customers request.

Zaštita od odrona

Our services include setting wire mesh on the road sections, anchoring and tensioning with concrete weights, which should be protection from landslides.